Near Cortina (35km) there are nice austrian rivers as the Kleine Drau or Villgratenbach. In the first you can find many trouts and some graylings. The second one is a fast water stretch in a wonderful mountain valley.

Il you would like to fish in the most beautiful rivers of Europe, from Sappada they are reachable in about two hours driving: Unec, Soca, Sava an Radovna are spectacular rivers, almost worldfamous. Even Idrjica river is a top river wich needs 25 minutes more driving.

Unec river is my favorite, maybe the only one which has remained inalterated after all this years. Here the hatches are extraordinary and offer you an excellent grayling fishing! Big browns are there too, and really wild! Idrjica in the upper part offers browns, marbled, rainbows trouts and graylings. Hatches are there good. Radovna river is small but probably the beautifullest creek I’ve ever fished. Brook trouts are here common. Fishes aren’t here too big because of the water temperature which is extreemly cold. Sava river is one of my favorite waters, a real beauty, and I won’t forget Soca, the blue-white jewel known to be the most beuatiful river in Europe!

Fishing in Soca is difficult because of the clear water and the spooky fish. Unfortunally the number of fishes during these last years has decreased. Then there is the problem of the rafting tourists too, but as I once said: “If you have never fished Soca river, you have missed a part of flyfishing!” If you really like trophy fishes, the tropphy part of Krka river is what you need. Most of the times this fishes (rainbows) have been stocked. Lepena river is a tributary of Soca, small but beautiful in which marble trouts are not too rare!