Fishing season starts in February. It is possible to fish for pikes, and with the second Sunday of the month graylings and trouts are ready to be fished in the Rienza river.

So if you want to combine skiing and flyfishing, in Cortina you can do it!

In Veneto the fishing season starts the first Sunday of March. In this period fishing is very good during the warmer hours of the day.

April is excellent for fly fishing and May is good too on the rivers not affected by runoff.

During May and June the slovenian rivers will offer us incredible hatches of insects: Unec, Idrjica and Sava will be at their top!

July and August are warm months and fly fishing in small mountain rivers with fast waters will be a pleausure. In Austria there are different good rivers for this period!

In Veneto the fishing season closes at the last Sunday of September, but there are lots of others rivers in Slovenia, Austria and Trentino Alto Adige, which consent us to have beautiful autumn fly fishing moments. Some rivers are fishable till end of November.