If you are looking to catch a marble trout or an hybrid, Piave river is the right place for you!

I can’t garantee their capture for sure, but here you’ve got a good chance to catch marble trout from 30cm to 60cm.

Hybrids are half marble half brown trout! Spettacular “silver” brown trout from lake S.Caterina!  Brown trout are very common in small and large rivers too!  You can find rainbow trout mostly in Austria and Slovenia. Even in Piave it’s not rare to have a violent fight with a strong rainbow trout.

Graylings in Piave are not so comon anymore. There are still some nice pools in which it’s possible to fish this wonderful fish.

The best river for fishing grayling is Unec or Uneca river in Slovenia. Here there are plenty of them, but experience and ability are necessary to catch the biggest ones.
There are many Brook trout especially in Austria and Slovenia.